Most Spanish translations of instruments are now reviewed

• Jul 12, 2018 - 06:50

I've reduced from several hundreds to 37 the unreviewed Spanish strings in the instrument resource. I've tried to document each decision of which I was not sure from start, as comments, in many cases including links to references.
The remaining strings are of three classes:
1) those which I could not arrive at a substantiated decision because of lack of information;
2) those in which the English version contain details that require attention (I have no permissions to alter them but I have reported them); and
3) cases such as those including synthesizers where it is difficult for me to distinguish if they are sounds (timbres) or effects


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1) For instance, Euphonium bugle and Mellophone bugle. But I keep doing some research...
2) The translation itself is complete 100 %, I was refering to review, which i consider a sort of quality control of the translation. I prefer to leave them as "unreviewed" until the English version is OK or agreed.
3) For instance all of these have the same abbreviation (Synth):
Atmosphere Synthesizer
Brightness Synthesizer
Echoes Synthesizer
Goblins Synthesizer
Mallet Synthesizer (this one has two abbreviations)
I tested these sounds in MuseScore but I'm not sure if the sounds are adequately mapped (or if the default soundfont contains really all the instruments).

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