How to add an extra quaver to a measure

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I am finding a way to create this piece for Psalm.
Is it possible to create this in Musescore?

The time signature is 4/4, but there is an extra beat for each measure (refer to the attached pic).

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Hi Jojo,

Thank you for your reply, but I don't think changing the actual duration of a measure will solve the issue I highlighted since increasing it by 1 will for sure leave a rest on each measure and eventually modify the piece itself. I don't want to hide the excess rest as well since it will still impact the piece itself.

Is there any other way in musescore to re-create the piece I am attaching?
I'm beginning to think now how did they manage to create such piece of arrangement as the one I am currently following(Psalm) was written a couple of decades ago.

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Do you mean, I just ignore the short tick barlines in this case and just create a single 4/4 measure with actual duration of 10/8?
My initial understanding of the staff in the picture I attached is that, it contains 4 measures in it, am I correct in saying this?

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I don't know where you see a 4/4 time signature, but to recreate your picture, you can:

1. Create a score with some large number of beats per measure. (I used the max. 63/8 and made the time signature invisible - so there are fewer bar lines. Also, I don't know how long the verse is, so more notes can be added if necessary.)

2. Enter the notes and chord names.

3. For the short barlines, I used longa rests as text objects from the Symbols palette (shortcut is Z).
If they look too big or thick, you can make your own from the lines palette, using the last line in the palette, then moving the handles in edit mode to rotate the line 90 degrees and setting the width to .35sp in line properties.

4. Any additional measures, if needed, could have the added barlines set to invisible.


Edit: Also see -

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Welcome rebisco,

I have been using MuseScore for producing unmetrical notation like this for some time now as part of my role as a church MD.

It is a pain in 1.3 as you have to manually adjust the actual measure duration of each bar.

The good news is that will be tools to make this easier in MuseScore 2 which you can try out using the nightly builds, namely split and join measure.

I always begin with a nominal time signature of 30/8, which is usually long enough to contain the most complex line of chant.

If you'd like to visit my account you will find chant that I have transcribed, arranged and adapted which give you some insight on how this is done.......

If you need to know more come back here :)

PS MuseScore 2 will also have the tick barlines required here - for now I tend to use the breath apostrophe in 1.3

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Hello ChurchOrganist,

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on this. I have installed the nightly build and indeed this is very straightforward now. All I have to do is follow your suggestions (split and join) above and I can actually reproduce this piece now.

To all: Thank you very much guys for your help. There is a very healthy community here and have a lot of good people. Keep it up!

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