how to solve high dpi screen ui problem

• Jul 18, 2018 - 16:32

in high dpi screen, the main program have so many very small buttons.
and many plugin have huge text and can not see what and where setting is.
my situation is surface 4 pro windows 10 and set to 300% expansion.


Certain systems do not report the screen resolution properly. There are different solutions to this depending on exactly what is going on. With my Surface Pro (current model), but method seems to be to set the environment variable QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO to "auto". On other systems, best solution is to set the command line option "-x 1", on others "-D xxx" where xxx is your actual screen resolution in DPI.

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So in your situatuon surface pro, what you do to solve the problem to see plugin normally?

For me, the main musescore problem can use but some elements are small. But most plugins hard to seeing due to bad expansion with big text and the layout do not expand with the bug text.

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As mentioned, I use the environment variable. There are several different things that can possibly be off depending on how the OS reports information to MuseScore:

  • size of the score itself
  • size of text used in menus, dialogs, etc
  • size of icons used in toolbars, palettes, etc
  • size of dialogs
  • size of Start Center
  • size of plugin interface components
  • position of dialogs

For me, setting the environment solves everything but the last - sometimes dialogs appear all the way to the bottom right of my screen, I guess because it is trying to center them but getting the overall screen dimensions wrong.

But as I mentioned, every system is different. So it's worth experimenting with all of those optiosn to see which works best. Unfortunately, there just isn't much standardization for how high DPI systems behave, so it's hard to make an application behave reasonable on all possible systems. Especially when you are also relying on older versions of Qt as we currently are.

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