buzz roll

• Jul 22, 2018 - 19:05

I wanted to ask how to create a buzz roll on the new (drum line extension) I was not able to figure it out on my own.



To enter a buzz:

1) open the MDL Workspace (select MDL from the drop down menu in the bottom left hand corner, options should be Advanced, Basic, MDL).

2) Create a snare hit in the snare instrument (this can be also for tenors, bass drums or drum set)

3) With the snare hit selected, open the tremelo palette from the Palettes in the left column and double click on stem buzz symbol

That's it. If you'd like to create a crush, select the existing snare hit with the buzz, hold down the shift key and press A. This will add a second notehead and convert from buzz to crush.

Note: there was an issue with playback for buzz with additional articulation (ex: accented buzz) in MDL 1.0. This has been resolved in MDL 1.1, which is now available.

You can find more information on the full MDL notation standard here -

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