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• Jul 27, 2018 - 03:39

Is there a way to hide part of the initial barline connecting staves? For instance if I have

Is there a way to hide the initial bar line that connections piano to organ (without hiding the rest of the initial system barline ?


Curious - why are you trying to do this? It's quite non-standard and likely to confuse people reading the score.

But for the record, if the staves you want to hide the system barline for are on top, you can get this effect by right-clicking the staff, Staff Properties, Hide system barline. It's a feature really intended to faciliate ossia, not to be used for normal staves, but it does work.

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The method I described works for the topmost staves in a system. That is, a system with five staves, you can hide the initial barline for the top staff, or the top two staves, or the top three, or the top four, but you cannot hide the initial barline for just the second, or just the fourth and fifth.

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I'm having trouble understanding the difference between "trying to hide the initial staff carline" versus "trying to selectively hide the initial barline that connects staves". Are you or are you not talking about the initial barline - the one at the left margin / beginning of system? Or are you talking about disconnection staves in all barlines? The latter is easy in any recent version of MuseScore just double click any barline and drag the handle. Or maybe you mean, you've already done that, but now you're also trying to get the initial system barline to do the same? In which case, my comments apply - you can do this only for the topmost staves.

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Thank you Marc, I didn't realize this double-clicking to adjust was possible because up until a few days ago I was using MuseScore 4. (Now I'm using the nightly build, because I need wide-dashed slurs)

I am indeed talking about the initial bar line, the one the left of the system. But I want to have the bar line on on the three top staves and connecting those staves. The staves beneath that I want initial bar lines as well, and connected, but I don't want staff 3 connected to staff 4.

I seem to have it working as I want to now; I attached a picture so you know what I've been harping on about. :)

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One system? Yes and no. It's a score with an analysis underneath. The analysis is meant to correlate/coordinate chronologically with the score and therefore be vertically aligned. But that analysis shouldn't appear to be part of the score. That's why I want it this way: aligned but not connected. (That difference between score and analysis is made clear in the context in which I'm presenting this, as well as by the staff labels and the totally different style of notation in the score vs. the analysis.)

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I find your question very interesting. Therefore, I tried the following procedure:
I would turn off the system barlines completely (Style > General > Barlines > Barline at start of multiple staves) and use brackets out of the palette instead.
You can drag a bracket from the palette to the top system. Then you have to try to select it. This is very difficult on my system, but having succeeded you can enter edit mode (Ctrl+E) and drag the bracket down one or two systems.
The same procedure can be done with further brackets.

I think that looks very good and works for the whole score without difficulty (see attachment).
Best regards!

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Meanwhile I found out:
a) Making the zoom larger makes it easier to select the bracket
b) There are 2 options in Style > General > System, where you can adapt the brackets (System bracket thickness, System bracket distance).
So you can use also the 4th bracket in palette and adapt it, so that it looks similar to bar lines.

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They don't. As the warning messages plastered all over the nightly builds are supposed to make clear, they are for testing only, and there should be no expectation that files created in them will be openable in any stable release. Nightly builds of 2.x branches, sure, but not nightly builds of "master" branch (which is what will eventually become 3.0 at some unknown point in the future).

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Well, the context of me asking about the next tested release (if you look in the thread above) is in regard to wide-dashed slurs which I was using in the nightly build because it was the only way to access this feature.

So, hypothetically, there might be another nightly build (besides 84d48d73 ) that can open my file correctly and possibly even one that fixes the printing issue, but that would be like finding a needle in a haystack?

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Later builds usually open scores from earlier ones, but during development process this is not guaranteed.
Whatever printing issue you have should most probably get fixed before master becomes 3.0. Whether that then still opens the file you created today with the current development build, see above....

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