Grace Notes No Longer Play?

• Jul 28, 2018 - 21:43

Ever since the new update, no type of grace note produces any sort of sound. Is this intentional? If not, how do I fix it?


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Hmm, I can hear that too. I wonder if this is something about the MDL extension - do you have that installed?
And I can actually get the same effect with other instruments if I make the grace note the same pitch as the main note. Or maybe it has to do with the code for detecting overlapping pitches on the same channel, which I know has changed recently?

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That's part of my point - I have MDL installed, too, and was wondering if the changes made for it somehow are getting in the way. But - try changing the pitch of the grace note then playing back. I can hear the notes sounding more or less simultaneously. I suspect that's happening when the grace notes are the ame pitch too, but it's harder to hear the difference.

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Passing on some observations related to grace notes. I had issues with a beamed grace note sequence of seven notes (Appiogatura). Thought they weren't playing but maybe just too fast. So I played with a copy of the score and slowed the tempo down to 20 bpm and deleted most notes playing simultaneously in both staves so I could hear the grace notes and the host note. Moved the grace notes down an octave plus and when I played back I observed the following. When notes without grace notes are played, the highlight sweeps left to right and the sound plays back simultaneously with the cursor highlighting the note. When the grace notes are played back the scan jumps to but appears to halt on the last grace note and then jumps to the base note and then moves past. The playback however does not occur until the sweep moves in small increments as it plays back but it is already past the host note. Playback does not occur as the highlight passes over the grace notes or the host note. Not sure about the synchronization then with other notes which may be on the same beat as the host note which would playback as the sweep passes over them.

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