Copy lyrics to clipboard, with hyphens

• Jul 29, 2018 - 13:11


For managing, copying and editing lyrics
the action "Copy lyrics to clipboard" is useful
However, it strips if hyphens and merge syllables into words.

For copying into the score again. I need the hyphens there.
So, I would like an alternative action:
"Copy lyrics to clipboard, as syllables"



I support this feature request as well, as it would be very helpful. It would allow a kind of "round-trip engineering" of the lyrics. Maybe the titel of the FR could be modified to "Copy lyrics to clipboard, without removing hyphens" to be more clear.

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For this, you don't need the fancy "copy lyrics to clipboard" feature - a simple "copy" already does exactly that. The clipboard feature is specifically for transferring to other programs, as opposed to pastes into MuseScore. Unless you mean you want to do that by way of an external program to be able to edit them there? The idea of a more full-feature lyrics editor does come up from time to time and some work has been done on this, hopefully a future version will provide that.

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Yes exactly, the idea is to copy the lyrics in a text editor, make adjustments there and copy / paste them back to MuseScore after that. The only way to extract the lyrics so far is the "copy to clipboard" feature, which removes all the hyphens. Therefore it would be great to have the option to get a plain copy without removing the hyphens.

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I imagine that this option "copy to clipboard, but don't remove the hypens" would be significantly less effort to implement compared to a full feature lyrics editor, but achieve nearly the same result. Especialy if it can coexist with the current feature "copy to clipboard and remove hyphens".

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