Highlighting Sections or adding comments in a piece

• Jul 10, 2014 - 06:43

Hi there!

I was wondering if it might be possible to add a highlighting/commenting feature to Musescore. I am not looking to color notes, but would like to be able to highlight a section of a score I am writing. That would make it easier to remember what I want to change in a piece. I often write something, and then make changes here and there, and if I could highlight the sections that need more editing, that would spare me a bunch of trouble... Furthermore, if one could add comments/footnotes to such highlights, that would be practical... If, for example, you could write some text about possible changes to a section that would not appear as lyrics or stuff, but could, for example, be separate from the score, that would be practical. I mean that you could have the text appear on a separate side pane and be linked to the section of the score it relates to by a asterisk or something. Something like footnotes in Microsoft Word.

Just wondering if something like that exists or could be added to a future version of Musescore.

Thanks for any help.



At one time there was a system to add annotations in different layers in MuseScore 2 introduced when the Open Goldberg project was going.

I'm not sure whether it is still active or even still there as the development team seemed to rank it as of low importance, although, as an organist requiring multiple annotations on the same piece I would have found it extremely useful.

Is this the kind of thing you are talking about?

Actually, the reason I did some work on the layers was precisely to make isolating sections easy.

The PR is still available to be merged, tho' I s'pose it might need a little freshening up since it's been hanving around for so long.

You can add comments by using Rehearsal Marks:

Go to Style -> Edit Text Style -> Rehearsal Marks.
Uncheck the box next to "Frame".
Click the left-most button next to "Align".

(The above sets Rehearsal Marks to have no frame and to be aligned to the left, rather than the default which is to have a frame and be aligned to the middle which makes it trickier to enter comments).

To add your comment:

Click on a note or rest, press [Ctrl]M (or Create -> Text -> Rehearsal Mark).
Enter your comment.
Press [Esc] or click on a blank part of the score when finished.

To show/hide your comments:

Right-click on a comment and choose Set Invisible or right-click and choose Select -> All Similar Elements followed by a second right-click and choose Set Invisible.

If you make the comments invisible and also go to the main menu and select Display -> Show Invisible then you can set the comments to appear in grey on your score on-screen but they won't print out.

Can this feature be added at Musescore community https://musescore.com/community ?
It will greatly benefit classes. Students can upload their works to Musescore community, and assign a user who can highlight sections, and add comments (red colour for teachers' comments)?
The teacher(s) should have the option to make their highlights/comments visible only to the original user, or to the public.

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