Pan settings for individual notes

• Jul 31, 2018 - 22:48

I think a nice addition would be the ability to set the panoramic position of individual notes. That way I could create a drumset with, say, the hi-hat on the right, ride on the left, and bass in the center. While it could be some sort of drumset setting, having it be a property of the note (able to be set in the Inspector panel) would make it more versatile. Perhaps the setting could be a number from -90 to 90 (as in degrees) or it could just copy the knob from the mixer. Changing the pan position of all instances of a single note (or drum sound) would be a matter of simply selecting the entire staff, right-clicking and clicking "Select-->More-->Same note (in selection)" and then changing the value in the inspector panel, like you would do for velocity.


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(I don't actually know how to use markdown, and the wikipedia page's syntax isn't working here, so just refer to the images I attached)
So essentially, I just want this setting in the mixer (outlined in red) (mixerknob.PNG) to be copied, I guess, down to the inspector panel. (inspector.PNG)
That way the pan values of individual notes can be manipulated. Not actually for any particular single purpose, but just because it could give way to some cool playback effects.

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Not just drums! Again, there's no practical intent to this. I would just like it so that if I, for whatever reason, want to switch an instrument to the other speaker in the middle of the piece without creating an entirely new instrument for that purpose, I can just highlight the area and switch a number.
An example would be if one wanted to create a pseudo-modulation affect (like the instrument, perhaps playing a scale, slides from one ear to the other), or if, when one sets the instruments' pan in the mixer at first, they wanted the violins that were on the left (as in an orchestra) to play on the right instead for the intent of balance.
Another great addition would be note-specific reverb settings, but I've already asked a similar question before and know that the reverb is added in the synthesizer, so that suggestion is a bust.

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