intermixing types of staves

• Aug 1, 2018 - 22:53

I guess I still don't understand system vs. line, but what I am trying to do is intermix std clef staves with TAB staves in an arbitrary manor. Say, 1 TAB staff, followed by 3 std clef staves, followed by 1 TAB staff. etc.

When I try via I panel, whatever changes I make are repeated through the whole score, i.e. all systems. Can I limit the I panel specs to a specific system (line).

I guess I can come close by always using a dublet staff (1 staff+ 1 TB) and then hiding empty measures. But in general, this wastes 1/2 half of white space.

Do I understand (and cannot do it) or am I using Musescore wrong?

Dick Penny


The instruments defined in the instruments dialog are what are included in every system in the score. That is why you see what you do.

If you would like a semi-arbitrary list of instruments in each system, you will need to use Style->General and check "Hide empty staves" and probably uncheck "Don't hide staves in first system." You use this after notes are entered on the staves, otherwise they will be hidden.

If you want an empty staff to be shown in a system, put any invisible note with play unchecked in the inspector in voice 2, this will give the printed appearance of an empty staff.

You may run into other issues, but someone can deal with those as they arise.

"Line" is note a musical term, it is a geometry term. There are many "lines" that are involved in written music, so it tends not to be useful when making these sorts of distinctions. Best to not think those terms but instead use the more specific terms "staff" and "system". Sometimes we might use the word "line" informally to mean one of those, sometimes we might use it informally to mean the other, other times we might use it to mean one of the five lines within a staff, and of course there is the "Lines" palette that contains things like hairpins, voltas, etc. So don't think of "line" as having a specific meaning - it doesn't. But "staff" and "system" do.

A "staff" is the group of five parallel lines we write music on. A "system" is the collection of one or more staves intended to be read/played simultaneusly (eg, the treble and bass staff for piano music, or the five individual staves of a piece for brass quintet.

Anyhow, the key to what you want is not hiding measures individually - as you note, this leaves a hole and wastes space, plus it's a ton of work. Instead, you simply use Style / General / Hide empty staves. This automatically makes staves invisible on systems where they are empty, and more importantly, those hidden staves do not take up space.

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first, THX, for best descript of lines. staffs, sys, etc. that I have read/seen.

next, I never tried your last suggestion/thought cuz I assumed it would behave same as "hiding a measure" and take up white space. will try it next time I fire up MuseScore.

Thx again - Dick

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