Anglican time signature, no bar lines, no stems on notes

• Aug 2, 2018 - 16:40

For my wife, a professional, Anglican church musician, I want to create scores for traditional Anglican chant. That means no time signature, no bar lines, and no stems on notes. I do remove (make invisible, via Inspector) all these features, but only one-by-one...that's very tedious!! Is there any way to start with a blank staff, one that doesn't assume I want 4/4 or whatever? Thanks!


"Is there any way to start with a blank staff"

There is an easier way to remove unneeded things however.

Not stems - select the entire score, open the inspector and press the Notes button. Every note is now selected and the display has changed. Check the word Stemless in the Chord section and all of the stems will be removed at once.

No barlines - Right click any barline the choose Select>All similar elements and press v and they will all be invisible. I would do this last.

If a note crosses bars, select the two measures and use Edit->Measure->Join selected measures.

If a line of music ends before the end of the measure, select the fist beat that belongs on the next line and use Edit->Measure->Split measure before selected note.

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Actually, even simpler for some of this: right click the staff, Staff Properties. There you can disable time signatures and barlines. Click Advanced Style Properties and there you can make the staff stemless.

Save the result as a template (just save normally to your Templates folder) and you don't even have to do that much ever again - just select your template in the wizard when creating a new score.

But I will say, merely disabling the barlines isn't great, since there will still be extra space before and after them. Better to join measures as mentioned above. Also this allows better control of durations (no need to break long notes up over barlines, although that too can be disabled in Style / General).

I just did that and it seems to be working. In the pallete Time Signsture, click More untill find "Create Time Signature". There create a 1/1 Time Signature. Then in Staff Properties uncheck "Show Bar Line". Its not extensevely tested but I hope it works well for us hehe.

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