Midi entry not working

• Aug 6, 2018 - 17:11

I don't see why I cannot get Midi entry to work from my synthesizer in this score. Please see Pg. 7, 4th Measure from left, Celesta part. My entry was to begin on the dotetd 8th note rest there top Celesta staff. (My Midi IS plugged in to the PC! and creates sounds on the PC speakers when I turn the Midi power on. I DO have Enable Midi Entry ON at the top of MS.Strangely, also,MS turns the Midi itself off periodically!) Pleae see attachment. Thank you.


Are you saying it is working correctly everywhere else, but fails only on this score and only in that measure? Or are you just having trouble figuring out MIDI input in general? I can't see any reason that measure would be different from any other. Did you make sure to plug in and turn on your keyboard before starting MuseScore? Did you be sure to enter note input mode? Did you make sure you are in step=time mode rather than repitch (the icon should show an "N")? Try entering a note normally - by typing a letter, fr example, and then pressing a key on the MIDI keyboard - does that work?

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Thanks for your checklist. I've got the MIDI note entry working OK now. I needed to make sure the Midi was turned on before starting up MS. However, the weird problem persists about the Midi power being cut off after about 10 minutes or so. It seems MS is turning off the Midi itself at some sort of regular interval, as if it had been set to do so. When this happens, I have to totally close MS and shut it down, then restart, very annoying. Has some sort of setting been been selected to do this? I never set this, unless accidentally or something. (This did not used to occur. Don't know what started it.)

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