Complex notation in musescore

• Aug 10, 2018 - 13:51

Hi all, I use musescore 2 and I could not figure out how to write complex beam positions shown in the figure? Any idea? The problem is to eliminate useless rests. I want to write the chords in separate staves for piano.

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After your reading up on cross-staff notation, beware that the measure's default beam grouping is not standard with a shift forward by one eighth-duration. Also notice that having beaming between measures is fine, but when they are conjoined after a system-break as shown at the end of the exemplified measure, the resulting beam will appear to be dysfunctional within Musescore. If you desire to maintain the look of the original measure, this post: [ ] might be helpful. It includes some experimental instructions regarding a work-around to the effect of emulating broken beams between system breaks.
Good luck

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