Problems with upgrade to 2.3.1

• Aug 11, 2018 - 11:31

Hello -

I've got a major arranging deadline tomorrow, and I've been using MuseScore 2.1. There have been a few bugs causing me headaches and extra work, so I decided that perhaps it might save me some pain if I were to try the latest version. So, I just downloaded 2.3.2.

To be safe, just in case anyhing breaks, when the installer asked me for the name of the install directory, instead of accepting the default "MuseScore 2", I made up a new directory name, "MuseScore 2.3". That way, I figured that if I realise that 2.3.2 isn't working for me, my deadline won't be jeopardised and I can just go back to 2.1 and worry about the upgrade later.

Unfortunately, the installer cleaned out nearly everything from my old "MuseScore 2" install folder, so I can't run the old version anymore.

Furthermore, it seems to have clobbered my local customised "chords_jazz.xml" file. In fact, the only file in the old install that it didn't delete was my backup of the original chords_jazz.xml (which I had named "ORIGINAL chords_jazz.xml"); that's the only lonely file remaining in my "MuseScore 2" installation.

And, also unfortunately, playback in 2.3.2 doesn't appear to be functional. All audio output stutters and sputters to the point of sounding like noise. Is this a known problem? (I'm running 64-bit Windows 10 Home.)

Any insights or comments about any of the above will be appreciated. Thanks everyone!



Indeed, any 2.x release will uninstall the currently-installed 2.x version first regardless of whether you give a new folder name or not. In the future, trying out new versions via PortableApps is probably a beter way to go if you're concerned.

Also for future reference - and for precisely this reaosn - you should never mess with the installed files themselves. If you want to create customized chord description files etc, you should do so in your own folders - eg, "MuseScore2/Styles". Those won't be removed.

As for playback, the default soundfont for 2.3 takes a bit longer to load, so if you are impateint and hit the play button too soon after starting MuseScore, it might not work so well. Should be fine if you give it a couple of seconds. If that's not it, try rebooting. If you continue to have problems, tell us what soundfont(s) you see in View / Synthesizer and what settings you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O. if not too much trouble, Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

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