transpose not working ?

• Aug 19, 2018 - 05:27

I am using ver 2.0.2. (Please don't say "upgrade", I will some day.)
I just received an XML score that I paid for and am trying to explore how I can modify it in MuseScore.
It seems to open fine and I can delete, say, one instrument I do not want. Next, my first serious effort was to try to transpose it to see what keys/chords would be more friendly to me on the guitar. The transcription is in two flats - uggh.
Nothing I do in the "notes > transpose" pane has any effect whatsoever. No combination of check boxes does anything to the score. Is something wrong with my XML or Musescore? Could the XML be "locked" from specific actions? Note - I did not "select" any part of score prior to trying to transpose.

I wanted to send this note before I attach the score, trying to be respectful of responders time.


Dick Penny


Using Note->Transpose should work just fine transposing the score from one key to another. Selecting nothing prior to using it is also the correct method of transposing the entire score. To make sure nothing is selected press ESC two times. If this doesn't work, then attach your score, let someone look at it transpose it and tell you what they did. You will want to do it yourself so the score stays in version 2.0.2 format rather than a newer format that might have made changes to the score.

Best way to save time is to attach your score, then we don't have to first guess. But my guess is, you didn't havce anything relevant selected when you used Notes / Transpose, or you didn't use the "By Key" option. If you do Ctrl+A to select all first - or press Esc to have nothing selected - then simply choosing a new key in Notes / Transpose should normally do exactly what you want. It will transpose the notes, the chord symbols, and the key signature by default.

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Well, I guess it is working for me now.
1) opened the xml as originally rec'd and tried to transpos, worked exactly as I expected.
2) then messed around (delete some staff text, changed footers), still in orig XML with no saves, and now it would NOT tranpos
3) tried some more, but got sys messg saying "Musescore not working/responding" (don't rem)
4) shut down, re-opened xml, deleted some text, saved as mscz, now transpos seems to work as I expect.

So, I guess I am OK.

THX for responses.

Oh yeah, $p does not work on 1st page footer for me no matter how I set the "check boxes" but $n does show. No real sweat.

Dick Penny

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