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• Aug 26, 2018 - 22:10

Starting with a full orchestral score including SATB, I'm trying to export an mp3 practice track to a singer. Starting with the full score, I open the Mixer and select two parts, the soprano line and the timpani line and create a soprano musescore file. When I play that file on Musecore, it plays the soprano and timpani parts just as I desire for it to do. However, when I export the musescore file to mp3, it plays all of the orchestral parts. How do I fix this so that the mp3 plays the same thing as the musescore file?


If you use the New rather than New All button you can add more than one instrument to a part if you want both the vocal and timpani.

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I suspect you are doing it wrong. Create the part that has only the instruments you want, select the tab for that part then export the audio. This is not a feature I use often so I just tested it on a symphony with only the harp and timpani in the same part and it worked as expected.

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