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• Aug 30, 2018 - 22:18

Is there a key or command that sends the cursor to the beginning of the score? When you're working on measure 35 of a 4-part piece and want to hear it from the beginning, it's tedious to keep cursoring backward


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Strange because for me home goes top of current page, not first one.
And ctrl+home tends to work just after opening a score, then no more after some changes. Unfortunately I haven't found a scenario with reproductible failure of ctrl+home yet, only sure thing is that it always stops working after some manipulations.

Also, since you are talking about playback specifically, you can simply hit the rewind button before starting playback. The display won't jump until the playback starts, but it will indeed start from the beginning.

Musescore 3:
Define your own shortcut:
look for "Player: rewind"
select it
press "Define"
type for example " ,"

"Add - OK"

Now everytime you press , it‘ll start from the begining.
Hope this helps...

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