Multiple instruments on one stave shuch as 4 alto saxs or 5 flutes or 6 clarinets or any instrument which requires multiple numbers.

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Multiple instruments on one stave shuch as 4 alto saxs or 5 flutes or 6 clarinets or any instrument which requires multiple numbers.


Assuming this is your question: How to condense multiple instrument parts onto one staff? (Ex. Oboe 1 and Oboe 2 from two separate staffs into a condensed, single-staff Oboe 1 & 2)

I believe MuseScore does not directly support a function allowing automatic condensing of multiple staffs. However, you can label a single staff with both parts and use voices to notate up to four different parts on one staff (See: I hope this helps!

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MuseScore 3 has made this easier.

You can now notate up to 4 instruments on their own staves, then use the "Implode" tool to put the 4 instruments on a singe staff in their own voices and delete the other staves if you want.

When it comes time to create parts, you will need to use the "New" button rather than "New All" to automate the parts process. Using the Oboe example, click "New", change the Part title to "Oboe I", select the Oboe under the Part title, press the + symbol to the right of that. Oboe will appear in the window to the right with a triangle pointing down next to it. Click this triangle and you will see that by default all 4 voices are selected. Remove the checks from all but voice 1 and only voice 1 will be displayed on Oboe 1 in the parts. Repeat this process using "Oboe II" and voice 2, then the same for voices 3 & 4. You will then have a condensed score and full parts.

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Ah right, the great implode and explode tools! I haven't gone around using those yet, but they do make the condensing process much easier (especially for piano reductions of larger works). I really hope one day MuseScore does have an advanced style option where you get to hide certain staves manually to condense and uncondense staves when ideal.

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The improved version 3 implode has led to a limitation that was not present in version 2. In version 2, all the staves would be crammed into one voice with some mysterious method of determining note lengths.

Now (in theory, its broken now), you are limited to 4 staves at a time. Implode once, and all 4 staves are put into individual voices in the top staff. Implode only the top staff and like rhythms are combined into a voice and the number of voices shows the different rhythms. You can then copy these measures to another location where you can implode up to 3 more staves with the current one. Reductions like were possible in version 2 are no longer possible.

There is a bug report concerning slurs in other than voice 1 that causes problems, and the score I was using either did nothing or crashed when tying to implode due to the slurs.

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