No Windows 32-bit nightlies?

• Sep 14, 2018 - 15:10

The latest nightly seems to be 64-bit only.


In reply to by Shoichi

The MinGW 32bit of Qt 5.9 we've used so far doesn't support WebEngine, needed for the Start Center, after the previously used methods via WebView got discontinued after Qt 5.4.
The 32bit MSVC of (at least) Qt 5.9 produces a MuseScore.exe that is way too slow.
The next LTS (Long Term Support) release of Qt, 5.12, will no longer have a MinGW 32bit environment.

Maybe we can get ABL to provide 32bit builds, in the same manner as he provided 64bit builds for MuseScore 2.x. We'll see, when we get there.

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