Add a option that defaults every 7 sharps and 7 flats key signature to their equivalent 5 sharps / 5 flats no matter what.

• Sep 17, 2018 - 21:24

Because some people just want to have a nice, easy way of reading music to play casually, and doesn't care that even though it is read to sound the exact same, it is not ''correct'' in a theory or progression or whatever sense of the word. I just want to make some good wiggly air, and reading such an monster of a 7 key signature is beyond me to care to learn it when I know I could easily read in a 'normal' 5 key signature.

Not to mention there definitely is some cases where a hardcore user might need the 5 key one but it always defaults to a 7 one, requiring multiple steps of a unnecessary workaroud that might break everything if he misses a step.


This is an often requested feature. It should be easy to have a prefer sharps or prefer flats radio button in the staff properties so MuseScore can adjust this automatically.

And yes, missing a step in my workaround can be quite disastrous. Save before you start and immediately upon success so you don't have to redo it like I've done too many times.

Are you referring to how MuseScore transposes you score from concert pitch when using a transposing instrument? If so, then yes, this has been requested before, and hopefully at some point this will be supported. But if you are referring to something else, please explain further. MuseScore will generally honor whatever key you enter your music in, so if you prefer Db to C#, simply enter the piece that way. So it isn't true that MuseScore "always defaults to a 7 one" - it only does this is the concert pitch also has sharps.

BTW, believe it or not, many musicians find it easier to read 7 sharps than 5 flats. That's because if you play saxophone, you see sharps much more often than you otherwise would, and you see flats that much less often. but indeed, some saxophonists are nevertheless more comfortable with five flats.

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