Any MuseScore Tutorials on Jack Audio Server?

• Sep 18, 2018 - 04:53

I've been trying to figure out how to use the Jack Audio Server. There's a few different tutorials on YouTube, The Jack Audio Server website has its own explanations. But none have really seemed to help.

Are there any particularly good/credible (Win10) tutorials or documentation on how to set up the Jack Audio Server specifically with MuseScore?


I have used JACK for MIDI connections but not for audio specifically. Can you describe what in particular you are trying to do? I guess maybe route the audio output from MuseScore directly into the audio (as opposed to MIDI) inputs of another program?

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Will you please describe the setup for using JACK with MuseScore and a DAW?
All I am trying to do is sync playback between the two, regardless of which is to be the slave.
I did download JACK and attempted to set it up, but the midi interface I'm using (just as an example) doesn't show as an option (assuming the synchronization is done using midi). A step-by-step guide would be helpful. Thanks!

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Details would depend on what OS you are (if Linux, which distribution), also which DAW.

I wouldn't expect the MIDi interface to be part of the equation though. I mean, it might or might not show up, but you don't need it, you just need to connect the output of MuseScore to the input of your DAW, using JACK. MIDI is involved in the communication, yes, but not in the sense of a physical MIDI interface device being used.

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I’m using Windows 10 64bit, with my DAW, Samplitude Pro x7 suite.
I thought MTC (or just regular midi time code) would be the best way to sync the transport, the same as a sequencer or other external devices.
I am new to JACK, and the only devices that were available were my interface, RME Madiface, (for audio). The RME doesn’t have midi
built in, so I am using an UNO usb interface for midi. Using the loop midi software, I have been able to use my DAW VSTi, so the DAW is receiving midi from MuseScore.
But the transport functions will not respond either way, after trying multiple settings in all devices (repeatedly in most cases).

I gather from your reply that I should be using JACK audio, and not necessarily midi?
I followed an old tutorial where someone was triggering their DAW and MuseScore transport simultaneously from a midi keyboard using JACK midi.
So I attempted that procedure. However, unlike the tutorial, none of my midi devices or MuseScore would show up in the connection panel (now referred to as “patch bay”).
So, that’s where I am with this. Again, all I really want to do is sync my DAW and MuseScore by hitting play, from either device.
That would be incredibly helpful to me if it’s possible.

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I haven't really used JACK on Windows, mostly Linux. So I can't help with Windows setup personally. Hopefully someone else can.

I will say, no, I am not talking about audio, just MIDI. You need to check the JACK MIDI, transport, and probably timebase master (depends on your config I guess). Within JACK, you find the MuseScore output and connect them to the input of your DAW - assuming your DAW also supports JACK. Nothing about any external hardware or other programs should be involved in any way unless you are trying to develop a more complex system. It's literally just MuseScore, your DAW< and JACK as the only componentry involved.

BTW, for MuseScore 4, you won't need JACK to use VST instruments; they'll work directly in MuseScore. And the new Muse Sounds orchestral library is better than any VST instrument could hope to be. With the beta just around the corner, it could be the case that it's not worth messing with many of this JACK business right now anyhow.

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I understand, thanks. I have spent hours on JACK and still don't know jack about it, it seems. I have wired everything correctly, but no luck. I can only conclude that my DAW doesn't support it. So, I'm over it.
It just seems bizarre that I can't sync these two applications.
Looking forward to MuseScore 4, and I hope it includes the option to send or receive midi time code for transport synchronization as well. Is there a target release date yet?

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There’s no specific date for the final release but it shouldn’t be more than a month or two. Meanwhile, I encourage you to download a nightly build to help test and see if it works for you. But - not sure it will interface with DAW any better (actually, JACK is t even supported). It’s more about improving built in playback - including use of VST - so you don’t need a DAW.

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Well, the DAW is not just used for VSTs, Recording of everything non-VST is also used. Hence the need for synchronization. Plus, the mixing and mastering capabilities are far beyond what MuseScore can do, (i.e. automation, effects, plug-ins etc.) which is of course not the purpose of MuseScore anyway. So, both are often necessary for a composer who is also studio savvy. The new built in sounds will be great though. Thanks!

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