Hide "Edit Element" for items not editable?

• Sep 25, 2018 - 20:08

When right-clicking something in a score I get the Edit Element choice. For text stuff, this seem to enter "edit the text"-mode, but when doing that on for example a note, nothing seems to happen. Well, actually something does seem to happen, as most of the icons in the toolbar grays out? Slurs seem to have something happen upon edit too. But yeah, notes, rests, etc... something seems to happen, but I can't see what...

I first thought it was related to the Inspector panel, but turns out that panel just updates automatically according to my selection... 🤔

What does Edit Element actually do when it comes to non-text stuff?


Most non text items can only be moved when you put it in edit mode. This includes noteheads. Items in the lines palette have the grab handles appear so you can make various adjustments. It's advisable to read about lines before using this.

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