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• Sep 26, 2018 - 06:22

I've downloaded a Tabla SoundFont and put it in the MuseScore folder. When I open with MS, it's showing an error (see attachment). I use ubuntu.

Any help appreciated.

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Thank you for your reply. I did what you said, and now the instrument name appears in the mixer, but doesn't play sound. I did find another person with the same problem on the forum and he said he's solved the issue but hasn't explained how. Sorry for the trouble!

Attaching relevant pics.

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Yes, tablas have pitch, but they are not pitch instruments in that they can't just play any pitch. You can't, for example, play a chromatic scale on rhem. As a result, one doesn't write a melody for them the way one does for flute or other instruments. There is an entirely different language used in writing for tabla.

Anyhow, even if one wanted to write for tablas as if they were an ordinary pitched instrument, my point is, there is almost no chance this soundfont is organized that way. Instead if there being samples of them playing each note of the chromaticnscale, there are samples of them making the different sounds that tablas actually do normally make. And this in order to use the soundfont, you would need to create a drumset definition to tell MuseScore which sound goes with which MIDI pitch number.

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Not necessarily, you'd just need to set up a drumset definition for the soundfont you have. Ypu'd need to do the same even if you got another soundfont - since tablas are not part of the General MIDI standards, any soundfont you find will by definition have non-standard mapping from MIDI pitch to sound, so you'll need a custom drumset definition to take advantage of it.

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The drumset definition doesn't work from wav files, it works form MIDI pitches. Whoever designed that soundfont must have created some sort of documentation that explains which sounds correspond to which
MIDI pitches. That is the information you need to use Edit Drumset. I don't have any special insight into how that soundfont is organized, so emailing me privately wouldn't help - best to contact the person who actually created the soundfont if you have difficulty locating that documentation. And then, once armed with that documentation, fi you continue to have trouble, please follow up here, so others can offer their insights and others still can benefit from the discussion.

Hi. I just tried to open the same tablas.zip. The resulting tablas.sfz doesn't contain the samples. They are in a seperate folder. Why? I do not know. There are some notes about where the original(?) .sfz file stored each sample, but not much more than that. The samples are pretty good. I am building a .sf2 soundfont, guessing at where the velocity should trigger each sample.

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