Adding numbers to all strings, or adding source text to all translations

• Sep 30, 2018 - 17:24

G'day everyone

To test the Afrikaans translations, I found it useful to do one or two things to the TS file: 1. add a unique number to each string, so that I can match up a string from the UI to one in the TS file, and 2. add the source text next to the translation in the TS file, so that I can see both in the UI.

Perhaps this might be useful to other translators as well.
The linked-to script is an AutoIt script that processes the TS file in the selected manner.

See the image below for what it looks like in MuseScore when I dared to select both numbers and having the source text next to the target text. (I might not use the numbers option a lot myself unless there is one pesky little string that I just can't figure out its corresponding string in the TS file for.)

numbers and source, musescore.png



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