Insert Paste?

• Oct 5, 2018 - 16:44

The Paste that I see described in the manual replaces whatever was in the target measures, for as many measures as the pasted material contained.

Is there a version of the Paste operation that automatically inserts as many measures as what is being pasted-in and moves existing material to the right (like a paste in a conventional word processor), without needing to explicitly Insert blank measures before hand?


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Actually, MuseScore 3 does have an "insert" mode of sorts - inserting notes within a measure, pushing the other notes in the measure later in time and increasing the length of the measure to accommodate this. But that's probably not really what you meant - you probably are thinking a "guess how many subsequent notes to move and shift them later in time, crossing barlines as necessary". There are numerous problems with such an idea which is why it hasn't happened, but nor would it be necessary to have this in order for a "paste and insert" mode to work. The key would be to only work in whole measures. So we'd calculate the total length of the passage to be inserted, divide it by the number of beats per measure and round up to determine the number of measures to insert, insert the measures, and paste into it. Would be pretty straightforward to implement, actually, and it would indeed save the three or so keystrokes it takes to insert the measures manually right now. Not sure how worthwhile it would be, as it would be way more three keystrokes to implement, but saving three keystrokes hundreds of times starts to seem like more incentive...

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I was actually just imagining the simple version that moves existing measures to the right in whole measures.

I asked because a user of another notation program was baffled that Musescore did not insert in this manner and I wondered if maybe it did have that option and i was just unaware of it.

Perhaps a simple half-implementation would be an "Insert Measures" option that is aware of how many whole measures are currently in my copy buffer and will insert that many when invoked.

That would save having to count the measures that are copied and entering that number when doing "insert measures"

It is not a high priority, however.

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