Constrain long text to a frame

• Oct 16, 2018 - 09:53

Is there some way to introduce a long text inside a box or frame so that it automatically jumps to the next line when reaching the right margin? I mean something like, but for MuseScore 2.
In such a case, is it possible to ensure full justification (right and left)?


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While I agree word wrap would make sense to add, I think you'd quickly find it still isn't nearly enough for most "full publishing projects" (if by that you mean, something like a textbook that combines text and music). Without features like search/replace, definable paragraph and character styles, and all the other niceties we almost take for granted, you still wouldn't be able to do anything but the simplest of examples. So there is a bit of a slippery slope here. That said, if there was one thing to add that would give the biggest bang for the buck, it would be word wrap indeed.

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No, I don't mean a textbook but a score with a foreword, say, not longer than a couple of pages. If only word wrap and justification were granted, it would be enough to be able to complete the project within MuseScore. I agree that probably a textbook would be far too much with such limited features but with all the installed fonts available , the possibility of inserting graphics and moving around text blocks you could certainly do a decent work.

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