changing note input with "Rhytm"-optin

• Oct 21, 2018 - 19:04


the question i have will be best explained by using an example.
if i want to add three quarter notes, then a quarter rest, and then 2 half notes,
i must type:

is there a possibility to change this to
works much faster.

just the way the "step time" works, if i type a "0"(zero) there, then there appears a rest with the
length of the current selected length.

However, i want to state that the "Re-pitch" option, combined with "Rhytms", is a great improvement!

greetz Harrie.


If 0 entered a rest immediately in "rhythm" mode, then how would you enter a rest of a different duration than the note that preceded it? That is, how to enter two quarter notes followed by a half rest? Typing 6 to change the duration to half would also enter the note. I guess maybe if 0 changed the most recently entered note into a rest? I'm not sure people would find that particularly intuitive or comfortable, but it would indeed be marginally more efficient once one got used to it.

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