chord note entry using a midi keyboard

• Oct 21, 2018 - 21:39

howdy, can't record chords/add notes using a midi keyboard while holding shift and then press the first note, then the second note etc etc. all I get are separate quarter, eight notes etc, depending on the selected note duration.
the midi i/o settings in the preferences are correct.

Entering chords with the midi keyboard only works if I play/enter all notes togheter at the same time.




You need to enter the first note without Shift, then add subsequent notes with Shift. I can't test this at the moment but it works with the View / Piano Keyboard, so I assume it should work the same way for MIDI. Also be sure you are in regular step-time note input mode and not one of the other modes (note input icon should show "N").

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Yes, I used the regular step-time input mode in my opinion, i.e. the first mode on the left which looks like an N.

Tried first note without shift, consecutive notes with shift, doesn't work. Tried first and consecutive notes with shift, doesn't work. Tried different midi controllers, all, class compliant, doesn't work with any of them.
It doesn't make sense that it works using the computer keyboard but not using a midi keyboard, and I think it should be reported as a bug and fixed.

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