orchestra to accompany salamander

• Oct 22, 2018 - 14:05

I've set up the Salamander piano in Zerberus and I like the tone - a very sophisticated sound. However when I put the fluidR3 strings with it, it doesn't blend. I tried setting the low pass filter to 3000 Hz but it's still not right. Any suggestions ?


For better output, DAW is the only solution.

I use MS 1.x era till up-to-day MS 2.x as notation purposes,
export mscz to midi. Then edit the midi in DAW no matter pc or mac.

Simply way - Just export the mscz file to WAV format, separated tracks,
then import those WAV files to DAW, the DAW built-in effect like EQ, Reverb, Limiter,
volume / pan automation provides very good quality output.

Furthermore, some good VST-Effect are FREE.

Besides notating with Musescore,
I'am using Reaper PC/Mac, not too pricey indeed, and Garageband also.

You may compare those.

BWV 1041, Mvt-1, 96bpm

Origianl MS2 Mscz file

Midi Exported by MS2

Wav Exported by MS2

[Reaper + Kontakt Exported Files]
Master Output - without volume / pan adjustment.

Separated tracks

Apart from Reaper, Audacity Freeware - Good enough and easy-to-use audio editing tools.

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Thanks. I have tried LMMS which is free, I think that is similar to the DAW software you mentioned ? But I was hoping to get the correct sounds straight out of Musescore because then I can hear the music as I write it. A bit like what-you-see-is-what-get in a word processor. I have Polyphone for editing a soundfont and I tried using its graphic equalizer to change the samples of the fluidR3 'Strings' voice. It works, but I don't think the quality of the samples is as good as Salamander. For example you have 16 velocity layers in Salamander and basically only one in fluidR3.

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Was tried the LMMS, but some midi files converted FAR-FROM-THE-ORIGINAL which exported by MS2
Also LMMS haven't updated long long long long time.

More reference.

One of my student joined the in-school orchestra first ever,
But don't know why her teacher only take Canon in D - Violin III as the single piece.

Anyway, I made a fake-orchestra, for her playing alone.

All mscz, mid, wav, mp3 uploaded here:-

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