Violin Trills - Canon Pachelbel

• Oct 24, 2018 - 03:14

Violin Trills - Canon Pachelbel

Should all trills (TR) apply Baroque Trills?

A music teacher from a formal day school
told my violin student there are only single type of trills.

my student just got passing grade ABRSM G2,
A1 piece - Arcangelo Corelli - Sarabanda Sonata in E Minor Op5 No8 3-mvt
this piece indicated 'Upper Trills'

Should Canon do the same,
like the highlighted TR,

E D E D E D E D.......


D C# D C# D C#........

I teach my student E D E D E D E D E D, correct me if i'm wrong.

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Have you looked at among many other sources. A summary is as follows: As a rule of thumb, baroque trills started with the auxiliary note. This is a rule of thumb and the actual playback was subject to the taste of the performer.

In a classroom environment, if the instructor insists the trill should start on the auxiliary note, I would politely ask if they were interpreted other ways at the time and if the instructor expects trills to be interpreted a certain way in the classroom. I would then abide by the decision of the instructor for that class.

As a related aside, Baroque music was normally written to allow for open instrumentation since symphonic orchestras that became common in the classical era were mot common. This led to varied interpretations of various ornaments as well. People such as J. S. Bach wrote out what he expected from different ornaments but he was not the sole authority.

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