Probleme mit der Enharmonik

• Oct 29, 2018 - 04:40

in folgendem Beispiel wechselt bei Klick auf "klingende Notation" die Altsaxophonstimme in Abab-Dur statt G-Dur.
Hat jemand einen Tip, dass enharmonisch richtig angezeigt wird?

In the following example, clicking on "sounding notation" changes the alto saxophone part to Abab major instead of G major.
Does anyone have a hint that enharmonic it is displayed correctly?


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Looks like you got the transposition wrong somehow. Did you try doing this manually instead of simply adding Alto Saxophone as an instrument? Doing it that way would have produced the correct results. But to fix this now, right-click the staff, Staff Properties, and change the transposition from Diminished Sixth to Major Sixth. Actually, it looks like the soprano is set incorrectly too, it should be major second.

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