contact muse??

• Oct 30, 2018 - 17:09

I need to talk to MUSE ....what is a phone number please?


There sure is no phone support. And the MuseScore software support is right here, in the forum.
Support for the mobile apps, the Pro account and is on and the appropriate discussion groups there and via

Also, FWIW, the name of the application is MuseScore; Muse is another program entirely. As mentioned, for support questions regarding the MuseScore application itself, best to ask here on the forums. Or for help with the mobile apps or the, sharing site, over on

But I should note there might be other reasons you want to contact someone from the MuseScore team - perhaps you are a developer wanting to help, or a composer or publisher wanting to know about licensing of your music, or a company wanting to inquire about incorporating MuseScore technology into your products. If you describe what you want to speak with someone about, perhaps someone can suggest the right person to contact, if it isn't just a matter of using the normal support channels.

I just emailed this site asking for my money back when I canceled my subscription and the system still charged me. I don't think they have a phone number which is incredibly frustrating having 49.00 stolen from me.

When I tried to open the downloaded file, this is message I got:

“MuseScore 3” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software."

What should I do ?

I would like to receive a refund for the money you took out of my account. I cannot afford this subscription and I did not receive an email reminding me about this subscription end of the free month. I do not use this account so I would like to have a refund as I am recently retired and cannot afford to pay this money. Please call me asap 209631-5713. Thank you Elisa

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