How do I change the playback instrument?

• Oct 31, 2018 - 13:45

A very elementary question here: In the desktop software MuseScore 2, how do I change the instrument used during playback? I'm getting some sort of organ sound at the moment, and would like to hear piano instead. Thanks.


By default, the playback sound is chosen to correspond to the actual instrument you selected when you created the score. So if you selected "organ" as your instrument when you created the score, that's the playback sound you get. If you have since changed your mind about the instrument you want to use, then use Staff Properties to change the instrument - this will change the sound as well as most notation details including the name displayed, the transposition, etc. If you still want it to be for organ in terms of how it is notated but just want a different sound (like a different organ), then you can use the Mixer. This keeps all notation details as is but changes only the sound.

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