staff lines

• Nov 1, 2018 - 03:38

I've tried searching this and where the answers seem to work for other people they aren't doing a thing for me. I need treble clef line & bass clef line to be further apart on a piano, like if I was putting in lyrics.


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The link above shows how to set the grand staff distance for the whole document. I have two systems where beams are colliding in the space between the two halves of the grand staff. I know I could shorten the note stems to get the beams further apart, but a better solution would be to increase the the grand staff spacing for only the selected measures. Is this possible?

But - note that MuseScore would normally add space automatically as you add lyrics; you shouldn't need to add space except in special cases, like if you have note far above or below the staff. Probably only certain systems would have this, so you would probably better off using a spacer from the Breaks & Spacers palette than increasing distance score-wide.

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