MIDI output channel setting

• Nov 2, 2018 - 23:50


I'd like to here my compositions through my Nord keyboard whilst I work on them. I can't find how to configure the MIDI channels in MuseScore. Often, this involves simple scores with a piano and a small number of solo instruments or voices, so what I need is quite modest.

Is this feature missing?


There is no way to assign MIDI channels manually in the current version - they will be assigned sequentially, aside from percussion which is special. It is possible MuseScore 3 may include such a control - I know sme work has been done on this, but I'm sure what the status of that is.

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Perhaps a MIDI editor rather than sheet music production would suit your purposes?

Most MIDI editors have channel-assign functionality, giving the ability to outbound into hardware using separate channels. Tracktion for instance [https://www.tracktion.com/products/t7-daw] has MIDI editing via pianoroll capability and is free (not open source though) and [http://muse-sequencer.org/] even has a simple piano-score editor with MIDI abilities that should do what you want. Afterwards you could probably export your work to bring into Musescore if you wanted to produce sheets.

Good luck with your compositions.

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It's simple and obvious for a program that specializes in real-time MIDI processing, sure - just as display of music notation is simple and obvious notation programs, and processing of text is simple and obvious in word processor, editing photos is simple and obvious in photo editors, etc. Different programs specialize in different things. You can indeed use JACK to redirect the output of MuseScore to MIDI software that can do whatever processing you like ion real time, including MIDI channel reassignment. Ardour would presumably be up to the task. Failing that, then exporting to MIDI and editing after the fact as mentioned above is another option, but less satisfactory I think.

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