Lost Large Piano Score!

• Nov 6, 2018 - 23:36

I have the latest main version of MS. (not the latest nightly build). I had a large piano score that has taken a lot of time to write, but when I try to open it, it says it cannot load it. This is really important to me, and any help would really be appreciated!



I recently had a similar problem of erasing half a score because of a dumb "save" error.

Shoichi has already directed you to a fix, but if bad comes to worse and you can NOT fix your file, remember that MuseScore makes a copy. You may have an unsoiled copy in your computer, even if it is not a complete one (that is, a portion saved before you'd finished and/or before the error.)

In the event you are not aware of the process: you can find this file in your computer (I use Windows 10) by doing a search for the file on the drive it is on (usually C). If your file is titled, say SONATA.mscz look for the copy, which would be .Sonata.mscz, (with preceding DOT and trailing comma). Or look for all.mscz extensions.
The first link provided explains what to do when you find the copy.

Also --- More simply, it may be seated in the "Hidden Folders" of your PC.


good luck!

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