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Is't possible to enlarge songtext for one particular voice in a score for mixed choir. I would like to make a bigger text for one of the tenors who is visually impaired. For example, the text of the chorus. Now, when I try to do this all others text of the odd and even lines change with.
Is there the possibility to realize this?

For you help a lot of thank you.



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I would like to make a score where only one voice have a text size of for example 22pp and all the other oices 12 pp. it is possible word for word but with a larger score very difficult/laborius.

I also have tried to select that part in the score that I needed to expance an then Chose text style even and/or Odd line but then all the text changes from the even and / or odd rules.
But I keep trying to find a solution for this.

Thanks foor your support.

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Create a custom text style (in Style->Text->New) based upon the Lyrics Odd Lines (and also Even Lines if there's more than one verse) and change the font size. Select the staff and right click a lyric in that verse and use select>more... and use the check boxes to select the lyrics in that verse in the selection and click OK. In the inspector, There is a dropdown next the "Style:" Click that and the bottom option should be the text style you defined, select that and all of the selected text will set to your custom text style.

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