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• Jul 17, 2014 - 03:43

Is a drum part composed in MuseScore SUPPOSED to become silent when exported to a MIDI file?

If so, that's OK, I mean. But is it that way by design?

(I know this is a silly drum part, but it's just for example.)

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drums.mid 88 bytes


Being as this score was presumably created with the development version of MuseScore 2 then who knows!

Shall we say an error message in German pops up when you try to open it with 1.3 which is the usual symptom for a MuseScore 2 file.

You are warned that using Nightly or self builds of the development version may have unexpected results, crash without warning or provide other means for you to lose work.

Obviously this should not be the case and needs reporting to the development team but not in this particular forum which is supposed to be for problems with the current stable 1.x release.

The proper place for MuseScore 2 reports is the Technology Preview forum, and if you have a list of the steps required to reproduce then use the Issue Tracker which will bring it to the immediate attention of the development team, although they have a lot of stuff to fix so don't expect instant results!

If you load the exported SMF into a sequencer then it is immediately apparent there are no Note On/Off events.

There is just Track Setup dataat the beginning of the score.

I suspected this as the file was only 88 bytes.

Investigating further.

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