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• Nov 12, 2018 - 16:01
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I created a palette with swing markings images (swing_marking_8ths.svg and swing_marking_16ths.svg) and saved it. After restarting MuseScore, the images are replaced with crossed-out rectangles.



Sorry for not being clear.
I have a "markings" palette with swing markings, containing swing_marking_8ths.svg and swing_marking_16ths.svg from I loaded it into v3alpha, saved it again from here. Quit and restarted MuseScore, and it contains only crossed-out rectangles.


if you didn't move them from 2.x to 3.0 how can 3.0 see them at all?
You did move the workspace/palette file, didn't you? Did you move the SVGs along with them?
How are these SVGs recorded in the workspace/palette files?

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I did not move anything. I keep all the files in my own, separate folder ("~/Music/MuseScore Sheets") and it's subfolders (like "Palettes"). I loaded the palette from there into a new v3alpha2 workspace.

(Yes, I backed up everything!)

I previously added the palette to another v2 on a 2nd computer the same way.

To create the palette, I added the images to a score in v2 by drag and drop from Finder, created a new palette, added them to the palette from the score, and saved the palette.

Most important thing first: I cannot reproduce it in the nightly built!

Digging into it, I pulled the images into a new score in v2 and saved it as an uncompressed mscx file. I found a wrong hard-coded image path for one of the two. The path I downloaded the images to, not the path I created the palette from. Yes, I do remember testing drag&drop from Finder to MuseScore from there. But I also remember deleting the image from the score again and using the ones from the final location to create the palette the next day. So my only guess for the wrong path of that one is that I created the palette from a messed up MuseScore file. Anyway, this doesn't explain why both files didn't show up after loading the palette in v3alpha2. The path of the 2nd image pulled into the score shows up correctly in the mscx.

And it leaves me with two questions. Shouldn't saving a palette carry the embedded images along instead of hard-linking to a local path? That would be a big limitation when saving/transferring palette files to other computers/users. And why does the palette work in v2, on different computers? Or am I misinterpreting my findings?

Not sure if my digging is helpful. But I'm trying to be.

Update: As I cannot reproduce this one on a different Mac and the Nightly, I will do a full reinstall of MuseScore v2.3.2 and v3a2 on the 1st one. I'll report back.

I finally found time to do a full reinstall. The problem is no longer reproducible.
Seems to be caused by a messed up installation.
Sorry for bringing it up.