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• Jul 17, 2014 - 09:46


I transcribed this song using Muse Score, but could use some help learning to play it. I started learning piano last week and cannot figure out the left hand fingering for this passage


can someone tell me which fingers I should use for the bass clef? Thanks!

Full score if you want it I'll attach, it's "Good Company" from the movie Oliver and company, spent some time transcribing it and I think it's just about right

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no help in fingering from me, but... seems you dragged some stems away from where they belong and use the wrong key? IMHO it should be F-major (one b) rather than G-major (one #), making that change and you don't need any accidental in the score

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yeah you're right! It turned out that way after hearing a version in that key, then realized that version was different than the one I wanted to play, so I deleted everything and re-did it still in that key for some reason.

I need to change that, thanks for the heads up

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