MuseScore and Non-Standard Notation

• Nov 15, 2018 - 22:23

First—I don't know much about music or MuseScore.

I'm working on an ePub of Russolo's "L'Arte dei rumori" and want to recreate the original sketches of "Risveglio di una città" in Russolo's same "enharmonic notation" (see attached). Is it possible to do this using MuseScore, or should I do it by hand in Illustrator?

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Without knowing the significance of the symbols I'm seeing there, I can't guarantee complete success, but I suspect you can this all in MuseScore by making heavy use of the Lines palette - adding line segments, using the Inspector to change thickness and allowing diagonal lines where needed, double-clicking and dragging to fine tune, adding other symbols form the Symbol palette (press "Z" to display), etc.

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