How to print page number on the first page?

• Nov 17, 2018 - 15:35

It seems that Musescore does not print a page number on the first page of a score in spite of what is said here ->
This is true even though both "First Page" and "Odd/Even" are checked along with "Footer Text" in the section of "General Style" called "Header, Footer, Numbers".

My need for printing a page number on the first page pertains to using separate files for producing different parts of the score. However, the printed version is intended to be combined (joined) with other parts of the score. The page numbers need to progress normally. I think this is an important capability. Did I miss something that I need to do to make this happen or might we be dealing with a bug?


I'll tell all the steps for anyone else interested.

To show the page number on the first page, in the header or footer you must have a check on "Show First" and use $P, not $p. Metatags are case sensitive. FYI there is also a $c and $C which show copyrights on only certain pages.

Very nice! Many thanks.
This is good to know. I also, now, see that there are hints displayed when hovering the mouse over the places where the footers are entered. However, I still haven't been able to find this information in the handbook. Is it there? If not, it might be nice to put it there.
Anyway, that solves my problem very nicely. Very grateful for such good feedback.

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