Can I scrunch two lines of a staff together leaving more room for the rest of the page ??

• Nov 22, 2018 - 17:57

Hello Everybody,
I have a score for a song where the first two lines of the staff are an instrumental intro and the rest of the staff is vocals with three verses.
I'd like to 'scrunch up' the introduction lines and thereby leave more space for the vocal part to spread out a bit.
I'll include my score for your perusal.
Thank you.

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Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better).v8.mscz 28.42 KB


You can decrease the staff distance using style->general...->page if you want them closer top to bottom. As you add lyrics, the space between staves is automatically increased. If you need more space after the lyrics you can increase Lyrics top and/or bottom margin in the same menu.

If you want them to take up less space side to side, the best way is to use the { key on the measures. It will decrease the width of the measures about 10 times then you have to look for other more complicated methods.

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