Easy changing dynamics and tempo in real time

• Nov 26, 2018 - 15:17


I use MuseScore with pleasure, I find it an excellent software.

I think MuseScore has great potential, not only for the notation, but also for the creation of musical accompaniment, to be managed together with the score, so I find MS much more suitable in this compared to a sequencer.

Creating a real-time accompaniment is something between a notation software and a sequencer. I use always the digital sheet music during the playing of the accompaniment. This is very useful, above all if the accompaniment part is complex.

In view of the future release of version 3.0, I would find some implementations very useful:

-Possibility to be able to save in the score what is set on the dynamics and tempo in the playback commands during the playing, or some possibility that allows to quickly create a performance of the accompaniment parts (eg a piano part but also a set of orchestral voices . Dynamics and tempo make expressivity, but expressivity is much better with the digital score of the parts, then a sequencer software without digital score is not so good. Currently I have to play with MuseScore while recording the desktop, I would find it useful to memorize all that in the score, without having to set dynamics for each voice (of course it is possibile to use dynamics sets, but this requires a lot of time);

-Possibility to choose more notes on which to adjust the dynamics, this would be very useful when importing scores from MIDI files that generally have the dynamic tone indicated on each note, in order to be able to changes the dynamics without changing for each note;

-Possibility to saving a MP4/OGG video composed from the MP3 with the synchronized video of the score (at the moment I do that saving the desktop while MS plays, but it should be better if done directly by MS);

-Allow the input of an USB pedal to start playing or for changing volume / tempo in real time (as with the mouse in the plays controls of MS), very useful e.g. for playing music with digital score with music accompaniment.

That would increase the potential of MS even for the accompaniment. Oft I merge a normal digital score for the instrumental part (with dynamics, and so on) with digital score from import MIDI files that are generally better for expressivity.

I understand that doesn't concern directly the the musical notation, but this is also different as a sequencer software does. Musical notation and musical accompaniment together with the same software would be great. As a conductor does with an orchestra, with music score but giving tempo and dynamics.

Sorry for my bad english.

Congratulations to all the MuseScore staff for your excellent work!

Best regards,



You have 4 - points so I will number them in order to let you know what I'm talking about.

  1. It is possible to select several notes at once see https://musescore.org/en/handbook/selection-modes for option in selecting different groups of notes. You can change the velocity of all selected notes at once. You can also use selectmore option on the right click menu gives you a lot of options for adding and subtracting notes or dynamics from a selection.

  2. I suspect you can use the pedal to start/stop playback by defining the pedal to the shortcut in a manner similar to what is explained in https://musescore.org/en/handbook/note-input-modes#realtime-advance. The problem would be that you can not have both shortcuts defined at the same time unless you change the ini file manually.

As for the rest of the things, I don't have anything to do with development of the program other than submitting bug reports and feature requests like you can, but it seems that the Ultimate Guitar team that purchased MuseScore is raising the priority on playback in future versions, so your requests are not out of the realm of possibility at some point in the future. I've seen requests for everything you mention at some time so all we can do is wait to see what the future brings.

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