Special text style for function analysis

• Nov 27, 2018 - 13:40

I have developed a truetype font for writing functional analysis: T for Tonic etc, but also special symbols.
I would love, if Musescore included the font and a pre-defined text-style with it - behaving as the lyrics style.
Are you (musescore developers) interested in doing this?

Background information: Danish secondary schools are going to use the font in music classes, also at exams. Some schools already use Musescore, and the number is growing. There are different national "standards" on which symbols to use, but as long as the danish symbols are included, other special symbols could be too.
Attached is an example (danish choral - and sorry, output from Sibelius...)

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Count me interested! I'd like to see more about the Roman numeral aspect of this, though. And then I'd suggest getting in touch with Daniel Spreadbury and the folks dealing with the SMuFL standard, to see about making your font the reference.

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The font is able to write Roman numerals and add 7, 9 etc, as shown in the example. There are a few aspects regarding alternate root notes, that need some work. Another aspect is, that we would have to decide exactly what kind of Roman numeral symbols, we want: As far as I know, there are many different ways to do this, and we should naturally try to make it possible to write anything. I'd like to hear, what you (or others) would want. Another possibility would be to make another special font for numerals to avoid to much trouble finding a letter on the keyboard for everything.

I have only briefly heard about SMuFL. I get your point, but there is a problem about language and tradition. I don't think there exist any international standard on which symbols to use, except that we can agree on T, S, D. But perhaps they could help with that.

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