Playback stops whenever score is saved, marker is reset to beginning.

• Nov 28, 2018 - 18:06

I'm not sure if playback stopping is as intended or not, though it's personally annoying as I've developed the habit of saving during playback to save time in 2.3.2.

However, resetting the playback start point to the top of the piece is just cruel, especially since autosave default is every two minutes and you're checking your chords/voicing on measure 300.


Now - in the Beta - the playback acts even more oddly. If you save in the middle of playing, the playback cursor skips ahead some measures, and hangs - playing whatever note is where it skipped off to - until you stop it. Weirdly, the playback cursor starts a tiny bit ahead of where you were playing before you saved - nearly the right spot - if you just hit spacebar again and don't click anywhere to set playback cursor manually.

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