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• Nov 29, 2018 - 23:41

I recently activated a new card, and I was going to update my billing information, but when I tried to update it, something came up saying I needed a signed JWT. The box that comes up can’t be exited, so now I can’t log in to MuseScore without the box appearing, and it blocks off all other functions. Can anyone help with this?


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Hi Mike,
I have the same problem as Milben! My account ist, my personal Mail! I'm logged in so far, but examining my scores will result in the CC Information Window being opened, modally
The same occurs unfortunately when just trying to uplaod new scores from my notebook. Phenomenon is the same on as ...
Any news?
Thanks in a dvance
Daniel Burgi

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I have started a thread on improving MuseScore at with links to both of your user profiles. I asked them to post here when this is resolved because I don't monitor that regularly. If either of you find this resolved, then let me know since I will have no way to know for sure. I suggest we give them about 24 hours and then I'll follow up using other methods if this is not fixed by then.

Has this been resolved? I have a similar problem with the box asking me to fill in my credit card details, but they are already deducting from the card. Heard nothing from admin.


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