Staff text unhiding staves causes cueing issues in score

• Dec 2, 2018 - 00:53

I've learned that staff text now makes a staff count as not empty.

I already can't use cue notes in parts because they show up in the score, making it bloated and unreadable. If I can't use staff text at rehearsal marks and double bars to indicate in a part who is playing, how exactly do I manage to cue players without messing up the score?

Do I need to make two separate saves? This is a big issue for me - players need cues to play well, or cover missing parts, and conductors need clear, consistent readable scores. I don't know a way to have both.



I'm putting this and the issue together so I think I have it.

After your score is finished with the text entered and parts created, you can make the text invisible in the score and the parts will not be affected. If you make the text invisible first, it will be invisible in score and staves will be hidden if needed.

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It's not going to be fixed. #43916: Exceptions to hidden staves for specific systems

If you read the thread, Mark says they deliberately changed it so that staff text prevents a staff from being hidden. I don't exactly know why, but I'm sure it is a good reason. They're using that to make a feature where you can unhide staves using invisi-staff text.

So cues would require something different. Hence the flailing.

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We deliberately changed it indeed, because staff text is normally something one adds to a score because they want to see it. It was a bug that staves containing staff text would be hidden, and it is good for we fixed it. However, we can certainly make it so if you hide the staff text, the staff can be hidden normally. We hadn't considered your particular use case when we fix the bug preventing staves, but I think it's reasonable enough that we should make it work if you hide the staff text in the score.

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As long as hiding it in the score doesn't do so in the parts, that would be great. I've never quite gotten the rules of when changing something in one doesn't change the other.

If you could be really ambitious... if we could hide cue notes in the score and not the parts and make it so invisible notes don't unhide staves, that would fix all of it.

Detailed instructions added to the Handbook for how to hide things in the score and not the parts would be good too. I don't know them, lol, so I can't add them.

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Hiding something in the score does not hide it in parts, and vice versa. Nothing special you need to do to make that happen - just hide it in the score normally. If you do want something hidden in both score and parts, you simply need to hide it in both places. Exception: if you hide it in the score before generating parts, it will be hidden in any subsequent parts.

As for rules on which changes are linked and which are not: in general, changes to content are linked, changes to properties (like visibility, or manual adjustments to position) are not.

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