Automatic Placement should disable automatically

• Dec 5, 2018 - 03:06
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P3 - Low
Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

When any line or articulation is moved the "Automatic Placement" box should untick itself.


Priority P3 - Low

That's not the intent - automatic placement and manual adjustment can co-exist happily, with the autoplace getting things close and then you shifting slightly from there. Disabling autoplace would mean you have to redo the work, which might not seem like much until you realize the ripple effect this autoplace might have had on other elements, and you'd have to redo that too.

Still, there could be a special shortcut to enable this, I suppose.

Not necessarily, as I said, both types of adjustment are possible and useful. If two symbols collide and one is moved to avoid it, then you can make small adjustments to either using the mouse and those small adjustments are honored. If you make a large enough adjustment to the one that didn't move that there would no longer be a collision, the other element is allowed to snap back to its original position. Or, you can disable autoplacement and start from a clean slate. The choice is yours!

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This has been true sometimes - I can make adjustments to tuplet numbers, articulations, text. I have never managed to adjust a slur/phrase line without disabling auto-place. I love auto-place, I don't like disabling it. But slurs seem to have less care for what they run through than anything else, and always insist on returning to their erroneous positions however I move them.

I think cresc. lines and hairpins are iffy too, and I can't get a below placed trill line to be above a dynamic for the life of me, but slurs are the only one I have actually outright turned off auto-place on.

Adjusting things without turning off autoplace is more about resolving collisions between multiple autoplaced elements (eg, a tempo text and a rehearsal mark), not so much about adjusting a single element. Maybe in that particular case it could make sense to disable it automatically on drag...

How about using the ALT modifier for this feature? If ALT is used, then disable autoplace, otherwise leave as is. This would be for Slurs, Ties, and Hairpins only.

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This was actually implemented long ago, Alt+drag does disable automatic placement. And there is also a shortcut "=" for this.