Build fails when copying dll

• Dec 5, 2018 - 22:19

After fetching the latest updates from MuseScore Master (9eb907c), the build fails with this message:

3>Error copying file "C:/Qt/5.9.6/msvc2017_64/bin/libeay32.dll" to "D:/Projects/MuseScore/msvc.build_x64/../msvc.install_x64/bin/libeay32.dll".

Anyone have an idea what is wrong.

Up until 1b1912d, (PR 4247) merged 4 days ago, I have had not problems.


Ahh...I had exaclty the same problem, and mentioned in chat. And copying it from the extracted dependencies.7z into "C:/Qt/5.9.7/msvc2017_64/bin/" did the trick. I also had to copy "sslay32.dll" and rename it to "libsslay32.dll" for the build to work. I've made a comment in the windows build instructions ( for this workaround. So whoever resovles this issue might want to delete that comment.

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I'm extremely confident that my merged PR has fixed this issue. But you might have to quit Visual Studio, then manually delete both the msvc buld and install directories (as well as any other configuration)so you know you have a truely fresh slate, make sure you update to latest master, and then restart the entire build process (from starting visual studio and opening the musescore folder as described in…) .

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I have tried these steps, including restart inbetween, but I still have problems.
When the build has failed, I cal locate the file .../mvsc_build_x64/mscore/cmake_install.cmake which I have attached.

It includes the statement "D:/Projects/MuseScore/mscore/dll_ssl1-NOTFOUND".

When I build from a branch that has not been updated to latest master, that statement is not in the file, so somewhere along the way, there has been a change to the installscripts, that causes this problem.

BTW; The MuseScore3.exe is genrated, and seems to run ok if i copy it to mvsc_install_x64/bin

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@neG... I have a feeling that you previously manually moved the two dlls in question outside of the dependencies directory...because that is where they should be. If you don't know where those dlls are, please delete your current D:/Projects/MuseScore/dependencies directory and re-download dependencies.7z and extract it again to your D:/Projects/MuseScore/ directory (which will recreate the dependencies directory), and then I think that will fix the problem...

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